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ESG objectives

Our ESG objectives

Our ESG activities are applied through our business model to meet our ESG objectives. See below for what these objectives mean to us as a business.
Engaging our staff and occupiers

Minimising our environmental impact

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our society. We aim to minimise our environmental impact through procuring energy from renewable resources, reducing our consumption and encouraging stakeholders to be more sustainable.
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Engaging our staff and occupiers

Our staff and occupiers are key stakeholders in our business, and their satisfaction and wellbeing is vital yo our long-term success. We engage our staff and occupiers through maintaining and encouraing an open dialogue, in order to understand and act upon their needs.
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Supporting our communities

Our assets are located in communities across the UK and play an integral role in the lives of our customers. We aim to enrich lives and strengthen communities through meeting the needs of all of our customers and supporting and championing local causes.
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Leading governance and disclosure

High standards of corporate governance and disclosure are essential to ensuring we operate effectively, and to instil confidence amongst our stakeholders. We aim to ensure our governance and disclosure are in-line with best practice. 
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