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Net-Zero Carbon

Net-Zero Carbon



We have developed a three-step approach to becoming a net-zero carbon business through the achievement of the following emissions reduction targets:

Target 1: By 2025, achieve net-zero carbon for all corporate related carbon emissions (Scopes 1-3)

Target 2: By 2040, achieve net-zero carbon for all operational emissions arising from the directly managed areas of our portfolio (Scopes 1-3)

Target 3: By 2050, achieve net-zero carbon in terms of operational and embodied carbon emissions across our entire portfolio, whether space is directly managed, or managed by third parties.

Our Pathway to Net-Zero Carbon provides the scope of our commitment and our intentions for measuring our progress, developed in accordance with the Better Buildings Partnership’s (BBP) Net-Zero Carbon Pathway Framework and aligned to a 1.5 degree future using the Science-Based Targets (SBT) Methodology.

Allan Lockhart, CEO, NewRiver said: “Our unique position as a long-term investor in local communities creates invaluable opportunities to leverage change. We recognise our responsibility to ensure our portfolio can weather the risks created by a changing climate and our pathway to net-zero outlines our intentions for addressing this responsibility, having carefully considered the Better Buildings Partnership’s (BBP) guidance. We are pleased to seal our net-zero ambition by becoming a signatory to the BBP’s Climate Commitment, joining other responsible organisations across the industry in actively reducing our emissions to pursue a 1.5-degree future and avoid the very worst effects of climate change.”


Read our pathway to becoming a net-zero carbon business here.