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Kids Club

NewRiver Kids Club

Our convenience-led, community-focused shopping centre portfolio is perfectly positioned to cater for the everyday retail needs of its shoppers providing what customers require as opposed to desire.

A perfect example is a mother who needs to multi-task by picking up the weekly groceries, new school supplies for the kids and a birthday card for grandma, having little time and a toddler in tow.

Our shopping centres provide a convenient and cost-effective place to shop whilst aiming to take the stress out of shopping with our new Kids Club.

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Kids Club was launched on July 5th across all 33 shopping centres in our portfolio to make shopping with children easier for families at our local, convenience led centres.

When a parent sign’s up to kids club they will receive special offers for both parent and child, attend free children’s events throughout the year, they can join our Child Safe scheme giving parents piece of mind when shopping in a busy centre and there will be many other initiatives including Reward Treasure Trails to keep children entertained, Pop Up play areas in certain centres, VIP access to grottos at Christmas and much more.

What we've done

After some extensive research, surveying parents who shop with us, we have created some great new initiatives at the centres to try to keep children entertained whilst parents pop to the shops and pick up what they need. We asked 2000 parents across the UK what we could do to make shopping easier for them.

The Research highlighted the need for NewRiver to enhance our shopping centres even further by creating additional services for those shopping with children.

  • Over a third (38%) of parent’s experience temper tantrums from their child when shopping, with 2 in 5 (43%) missing out on retail therapy for fear of misbehaviour
  • A quarter (25%) of parents admit to using sweets and bribery to get their child to behave when shopping
  • Over third (38%) respondents have judged a parent in a shop because of their child’s bad behaviour on more than one occasion
  • Over 2 in 5 (42%) male respondents have judged a parent in a shop because of their child’s bad behaviour on more than one occasion, this is compared to over third (35%) female respondents

With many parents telling us that children not having enough to do whilst out shopping is the biggest pitfall, we have introduced Kids Club (some bits below on what we are doing)

Temper Tantrum Training for all security and front facing staff- whenever your little cherub throws a strop we will be on hand with a kind word and something to cheer them up

  • A Treasure Trail around the centre for your child to follow to keep them busy whilst you enjoy shopping
  • Free in centre events and family activities throughout the year
  • Child Safe Scheme giving you some piece of mind when shopping with your child


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Kids Club NewRiver