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Commercialisation and mall retailing is integral part of the NewRiver shopper experience and service. We attract and encourage exciting complementary national operators and entrepreneurial new businesses to bring their brands to life in our malls and further enhance our vibrant and busy shopping mall.  

If you would like to bring your business to one of our 33 shopping centres, we'd love to hear from you. 

We have dedicated in-house expertise to help bring retail brands and services to life in our busy malls. 

At NewRiver, we are driving convenience for our shoppers through click-n-collect by installing Amazon Collection Lockers which has helped drive dwell time, link-trips and ultimately sales for our retailers.

We are continually looking at new initiatives such as advertising, car washes, seasonal markets, events and are proud to have introduced brand partnerships within our shopping centres to promote our retailers.

For further information please contact:


Car Parking

Forum Centre Space

Jackie Tracey  
Commercialisation Manager
+44 (0) 20 3328 5800
John McLaughlin
Head of Property and Facilities management
+44 (0)7808 731 993
Jill Southern
Senior Account Manager                                  
+44 (0) 191 226 8844